Get the results you want from your marketing materials.
A professional graphic designer knows how to make your message grab attention and build anticipation.  Let people know it’s coming so they can look forward to the big day with you.


What can we do? Just about anything!

Graphic Design: Includes logos/identities, icons, infographics, corporate identity packages, printed materials (i.e. brochures, ads, billboards, postcards, flyers, invitations, catalogs…and pretty much anything you can muster up), email/web ads, exhibits, outdoor and environmental design, way finding signage, plus social media and web graphics.

Web Design: Creating and developing informative WordPress websites with totally custom, unique-to-you graphics. We know most of our clients want to make updates themselves once the site goes live, so WordPress is our game (and we love to play!) Templates are NOT us! So if you want to look like everyone else, we can’t help. (Don’t worry – we won’t take it personally.)

Online Store Solutions (e-Commerce):  We’ll help you develop an online presence (as part of your WordPress website) so you can sell your products or services! If you have a current WordPress site (that isn’t a free template – they don’t allow for flexibility, and we don’t like that), we can look into helping you configure your online store. You will need to have a financial institution of some kind set up – a bank, PayPal, Square, or whatever else – to accept payments from your customers. We’ll configure your online store to work with your payment method.

Website Set-up: If you’re looking for a new presence on the web and don’t know where to start, we can do domain name searches and acquisitions, hosting set-up, and site set-up to get you on the right path. Everything we set up will strictly be on your behalf. All accounts and domains will be yours.

Website Maintenance:  If we designed your WordPress site, we’ll do everything we need to do to keep your site up and running – which includes site security and combatting pesky spam. You don’t have to worry, follow-up, beg, plead, or cry at any point!  Just know it’s getting done and all’s well!  If there is a problem, we’ll fix it. Of course, if you’d like to know if there was a problem, we can keep you in the loop. Or not…!  It’s up to you. Different plans are available, and everything can be customized for YOUR specific needs.  Awesome!  Site maintenance plans are on a contractual basis if you’re already an Eyegate Design web customer

BASIC Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  If we designed your WordPress site, we can install helpful plugins, keywords, fix permalinks that aren’t search engine-friendly, and ensure “alt tags” are on your images so they can also grab some attention (which is also good for ADA compliance – if that’s important to you.)

Social Media Graphics and Dynamic Ads:  If your social media account(s) need a little pizzazz, we can help you create badge icons, headers, backgrounds and creative advertisements (video or still) that will get you noticed.  Let’s pull on those heart strings a bit – or make your audience laugh. They’ll love it.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook & Instagram:  If you simply don’t have time to deal with social media (we’ve heard this before), we can help!  If you’re on Facebook and/or Instagram, we can create posts on your behalf, follow/like other relevant posts, share posts/articles, and even create ads for your target market! When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook continues to dominate. It remains the most used platform among both marketers and consumers…and they also own Instagram.

Video and Audio Editing:  Do you have footage you’ve been dying to show/play for someone or post to YouTube or social media…but it needs a little help to look polished? Let’s get ‘er done. We love editing videos!  Podcasters and videocasters unite!  (Of course, the quality we receive for the initial video/audio files are going to have some bearing on the result. If it’s iffy…it may turn out iffy, too. We can work serious magic, but only so many miracles can be performed!)

Photo Editing:  Is your photo *nearly* perfect…but if it just had (fill in the blank)…, we can fake nearly anything in Photoshop. No one will even suspect! Of course, the quality of the photo we receive matters. We can let you know if “faking it” can be doable once we see what we’ve got to work with.

Templates:  We admit Microsoft products are a bit tricky!  They do what they want, when they want, how they want…and for no reason at all!  (Or so it seems.) But if you need to make an updatable template in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (we actually like PowerPoint!), we can do that for you!  There may be some trouble-shooting involved (Mac vs. PC), but we’ll get it figured out!  Then it will be easy for you to make magic happen for the long haul.

What can our partners do?

That “just about” part of “anything” mentioned above…

Intensive, all-inclusive Social Media set-up, training, and advertising: For those who want to be found on social…EVERYTHING…we know a girl…and oh is she good!  If you’re willing to spend a little to make more, this is your ticket. If you’re looking to boost your revenue through social outlets, we’ll put you in touch.  Also, if you’re on different social platforms outside Facebook and/or Instagram and need assistance, this partner “knows a thing or two about a thing or two”!  She also may have suggestions you never even thought of. Never hurts to ask. Contact us, and we will put you in touch. (You’ll be working directly with them.)

In-depth Search Engine Optimization (SEO): If you want to get your business found online, our expert partners can make that happen! A dynamic web presence will grow your business exponentially when more traffic is brought to your site!  Our parters will work with you to develop industry-specific keywords that will position you above your competition and expand your visibility online. They can also create effective business listings to ensure you’re at the top of the ranks. Top all that off with valuable, detailed monthly reports to show you how your site is working for you and your business!  They’ll work with you, even if Eyegate Design didn’t design your site!  Contact us, and we will put you in touch. (You’ll be working directly with them.)

Printing: If you need something printed, whether it be on paper, vinyl, glass, a canvas, or whatever…we’ve got a few resources up our sleeves. It never hurts to get a couple quotes (we’ll let you do that part, though.) Contact us, and we will put you in touch. (You’ll be working directly with them.)

Photography & Videography On-site: Professional product/still photos to enhance design projects, as well as creative filming. If you’re in the San Diego area and need someone to show up on cue, we have experts that will go to you, get things done, and provide you and/or us the raw footage for editing. Contact us, and we will put you in touch. (You’ll be working directly with them.)

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