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Useful Stuff

It’s nice to find what you need in one place.

PDF Converter
If you’re on a PC and are creating a file for print, chances are good you’ll need to turn that file into a PDF so your printer can even begin to use it. This is also good for you because a PDF will (usually) embed your file’s information, preventing mistakes like cut-off text, strange layout phenomena, and missing photos.
PDF Converter (Web download) »

PDF Size Reduction
Have a PDF that’s the size of California? We have something you can try! It may not make a huge difference ALL the time, but most of the time, you’ll find some relief. It will reduce the quality slightly, but not too bad. They also have all kinds of other fun stuff – like tools to rotate your PDF, and make PDFs out of other files you’ve got. Check it out.
NOTE: Do NOT reduce the quality then send it to your printer! They’ll want that giant file. »

Folding Guide for Brochures
Wonder what options you have for folding your brochure? Think outside the box! There are some cool options that will get you noticed.
Fold Types (PDF file) »

Envelope Options
There are lots of “standards” out there! Find out the sizes and what they’re called. If you know the size of the envelope you want, then designing what will go IN the envelope will be much easier.
About Envelopes (PDF file) »

Postal Mailing Regulations
Every envelope is different, but this will give you the gist of how your envelope needs to be set up so it doesn’t get returned to you!
Postal Guidelines (PDF file) »

Free Font Resources

Looking or some new fonts to add to your arsenal?

1001 Free Fonts »
Urban Fonts »
California Fonts »
Font Yukle »
DaFont »
Google Fonts (for your website) »

A Plethora of Awesome Font Stuff
For you PC users out there (there’s plenty for Macs, too, don’t worry) – Kelly Friedman, Tech Advisor and writer for (and friend of Eyegate Design) has put together her own great list of font resouces – including how to make your own! So very cool. Check it out!

Fonts for Business
We all know how important it is to look professional and consistent – and be reader-friendly. Here is a link to an article found by Courtney and the class… They were looking for font resources and stumbled upon this gem and thought it could be a great potential addition. We agree – thank you and a high 5 to them! Go! »

Recommended References

Books for your Library

Forms, Folds & Sizes: All the Details Graphic Designers Need to Know but Can Never Find: Featuring topics such as sustainable design, web design, and grid design basics, Forms, Folds & Sizes – Revised is the one resource for answers to everything from folds and bindings to paper, imaging and much, much more.
Go to Amazon – It’s available on Kindle, too! »

Color Design Workbook: Designers know that color is an extremely vital part of any design project and not a subject to be taken lightly. For better or for worse, it affects moods and elicits reactions. Color Design Workbook invites readers to explore color through the language of professionals. Background information on color such as certain cultural meanings is also included.
Go to Amazon »

Email Marketing
Constant Contact
Awesome tools and resources

Send Your Files
Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)
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Diego & Son Printing
Offset, digital printing and more

Spirit Printing
Offset, digital printing and more

Copy Shop/Printer
Downtown Copy & Print
Copies, copies, and more copies

Hosting & Tech Support
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This company is amazing!

File Sharing
Share files with ease; the more you share, the more space you get.


Soul Stairway

Creative Thinking to Reach New Heights:  If you’re looking for a little feel-good inspiration, head on over to our latest project!  We have all kinds of resources to help you get inspired, find your purpose, and gain strength in a positive online community. We’re excited!