We’re still healthy and working hard – and we’re ready to help you!
We know this whole “new normal” can be rather trying, frustrating, scary, and challenging for businesses! We’re a small business, too! We get it! Now… “online” is more important than EVER! Let’s figure this thing out together.

Welcome to Eyegate Design

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If you can’t find it, see it, read it, or understand it, marketing won’t work. The design and message must be clear, obvious, clean, simple…and be accessible to your audience.

At Eyegate Design, teamwork is key. It will help accomplish our client’s dreams.

We listen. We’re dedicated to finding out what the client’s needs are. We want to know about them, their business, objectives, challenges, audience, and what they’ve already tried. Listening opens doors.

There is no cookie-cutter strategy. Every aspect of the project has to be custom and as individual as the client is. Through research, communication, and imagination, we strategize ways to get the client noticed.

Our clients want results, and our creative, professional approach will help get them. No fillers. No clutter. No hidden messages or fine print. It’s all about creating a visual impact, a clear message and a lasting impression.

Thank you for visiting our site! Please check out our portfolio and see if what we do… can work for you.

Beyond Design

Eyegate Design brings a team of professionals to the table.

Eyegate Design offers graphic design services and more to give you a creative approach to get your company noticed. From large and small projects, to out-of-the-box thinking…the possibilities are endless! The first impression of your business is just as important to us as it is to you. When you succeed, we succeed.

Where are we located?

With technology, we can be anywhere you need us to be.

Where did the name “Eyegate” come from?

You’re not the only one who’s curious…

Kim Murray (formerly Schanz), our Creative Director is from Ryegate, Montana. Since graphic design is all about the visual eye, she merged the two to form “Eyegate”. Just a fun play on words…and it works!

Ryegate is a very small town (population of about 150… and that’s not in thousands) in the center of the state; Kim grew up on a farm 13 miles south of town. Her graduating class had 10 people, which included three exchange students. Kim is very happy to be in the city where opportunity knocks and entertainment isn’t far away. Her family still lives in Montana. Although they all think she’s crazy for moving to “the big city”, they’re still proud. Eyegate Design is an incorporated company.

Latest Project

Historic Novel: Without Warning
by Dr. Terry C. Pierce

Eyegate Design is thrilled and honored to be working with Terry and his publisher, Heart Ally Books!  This ad (click image to view PDF) was recently featured in Gettysburg Magazine! Check out Terry’s Author Website (designed by Eyegate Design) for book details, his bio, and lots more.

This literary masterpiece is an absolute page-turner if you’re into history. It spins the tale from the side of General Meade – the perspective no one has ever heard…until now. The reviews are phenomenal. This is a MUST READ…and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we’re all holed up at home!

Want to get the book?  It’s available on Amazon – in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle »

Terry is busy writing Fractured Pursuit – the sequel to Without Warning as we speak!  Can’t wait!

Resources for these tough times…

Find some inspiration.

We know things have been challenging, strange, surreal, interesting, and just plain scary with this whole COVID-19 thing! You’re not alone! If you’re looking for something to explore, head to Soul Stairway – where we’re using creative thinking to reach new heights.

Your brand is your image. Make it good.
We develop branding and advertising campaigns, promotional materials, websites, publications, and creative marketing strategies in a success-driven environment. We strive to turn your vision into reality.

Our People

Only highly-motivated individuals

Design Strategist & Creative Director
Kim Murray
Total workaholic who thrives on making sure you look good.

Web & WordPress Genius
Pam Nilzon
If it has to do with the web, any vision WILL become reality…

Microsoft Product Guru & Site Maintenance
Vanessa Kennedy
Tackling “impossible”…plus ensuring your site is up-to-date.

Intern for everything under the sun!
Krysta Murray
Copywriting, social media graphics, odds & ends…and getting it DONE.

Soul Stairway Co-Conspirator
Norma Frank
Helping to make sure this world is a happier, healthier place…

Supporting Active-Duty Military
and Veterans

Kim is an active-duty Navy wife.  Her husband, Ryan, is currently stationed (for sea duty) in San Diego, California. Krysta‘s husband works with Kim’s husband. (No relation, but we’re pretty sure it was fate…) Pam is a veteran advocate; her dad, along with other family members served. Vanessa‘s husband also served in the Navy (submarines). Kim, Pam, and Vanessa are very involved in the Veterans In Business Network (VIB).  Multiple members of Norma‘s family have also proudly served in the military.

Eyegate Design is honored to support those who are currently serving in the military…and all those who have served. We truly thank you for your service.